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An eventful summer

Hello all! We're here in July and since we've last spoken, I have remained as busy as ever. I've thrown myself into this newer body of drawings and I'm very pleased with what I've discovered through technical research and experimentation with numerous traditional and nontraditional mediums.

Recently, I participated in a group show titled "RSVP" with some of Atlanta's best African American artists/activists at the historic Hammonds House Museum. It was a show that I was particularly proud to participate in because it was not only the FIRST time that we had all shown together, but it was an amalgamation of some of the best work and ideas that I'd seen assembled in Atlanta for quite some time.

The previous weekend, I was honored to be the guest of honor of Archie and Garbo Hearne at the 29th anniversary of Hearne Fine Art Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas. A self portrait commission of mine was also unveiled at the home of esteemed Arkansas collectors Jackye and Curtis Finch, who have been avid collectors of my work. I also had the privelege of introducing new work to the Hearne's private collectors in their home. It was truly a weekend to remember, y'all.

The summer isn't over yet and I'm preparing for a busy fall, so stay tuned for more info to come. Peace, family!

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